RC10B5 the new Buggy Team Associated RC10 B5 2wd what do you expect? and in Factory Team version?

rc10b5 team associated racing buggy model, associated rc10b5      

Team Associated B5 RC10B5 Team Associated T5 RC10T5
Rc10b5 Team Associated B5 New Buggy

RC10B5 team associated, The new B5 racing Buggy, how it would be? What do you expect?

In the EP offroad races 1/10 2wd, the actual B4 are still winning lot of races!
There are no rumors about a release date of the new Buggy rc10B5 Team Associated, and no official comunication from Team Associated.
However, everybody starts to think about the next racing model Buggy RC10B5, what we liked and what will be improved, how will be the Factory Team FT version? How do you expect the new asso rc10 b5?

Rc10b5 Team associated: How will be the new Team Associated B5 Buggy, associated rc10b5 2wd? and the rc10b5 Factory Team FT version?

Tell us what do you think and what you would like to see on the new B5, we will publish the most interesting messages!

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